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Restauración de Pavimentos modernistas
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Pulidos Barcino
 Pulidos Barcino · Modernist Pavement Restoration

Pulidos Barcino · Modernist Pavement Restoration

At Pulidos Barcino we offer our clients a complete range of services including the restoration and polishing of mosaic tiles. Our speciality is the restoration of modernist tiles.

Since 1986, we have completed more than 3000 restorations from private residences to high profile public buildings in the city of Barcelona.
Hydraulic Mosaic
Nolla Mosaic
Roman Mosaic
Baked Clay Floor

Alejandro Rodriguez is the director of the workshop
A certified craftsman, he graduated from the the Centre de Desenvolupament Empresarial de Ia Generalitat de Catalunya (CIDEM) [Carta d'Artesà, 12157] and is involved in the training of young artisans at the Instituto Nacional de Empleo.

Using his vast experience in the restoration of floor tiles and the knowledge he has on the subject, Alejandro Rodriguez has created his own polishing technique raising his profile in the world of restoration.
Pulidos Barcino is a member of the ARCC (Associació de Restauradors i Conservadors de Catalunya).

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