Modernist Pavement Restoration

Press and News on Pulidos Barcino and Restoration of Pavings

Congreso Nacional de Mosaico Nolla en Barcelona

National congress of Mosaic Nolla in Barcelona

We have had the luck to assist to the  II National Congress on the Mosaic Nolla in the University of Barcelona...
Pulido de suelos a mano

Polishing of soils manually

I found this photo of pulidores of soils before  " the electricity "  !!! That bién are now
Mosaico Hidráulico en carpinteria centenaria

Hydraulic mosaic in carpinteria centenarian

In the street Vilamarí of Barcelona find a paving of mosaic and cement. Five generations have gone through...
Mosaico Hidráulico en la Capilla de San Cristóbal de Regomir

Hydraulic mosaic in the Chapel of Saint Cristóbal of Regomir

    The legend counts that Cristóbal was a cananeo that lived in time of Jesús and that took advantage of...
​ Mosaicos en la Barceloneta

​ Mosaics in the Barceloneta

I have found rests of the mosaic hidraúlicos that pavimentaron does a lot of years marry of our city. The...
​ Mosaicos en el Turó de la Rovira

​ Mosaics in the Turó of the Rovira

The Turó of the Rovira has been inhabited along the centuries by men that have tried to adapt to the half...
El mosaic hidràulic

The mosaic hidràulic

We understand by Hydraulic Mosaic one of the products that serve for revestir surfaces, generally eat...
El petit miracle de la restauració

The petit miracle of the restauració

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Nuevo esplendor para el Modernismo

New splendour for the Modernism

A city like Barcelona, that attracts to thousands of visitors by his modernist heritage, needs of a company... - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat