Pulidos BarcinoModernist Pavement Restoration
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Hydraulic mosaic

Hydraulic mosaic
Nolla Mosaic
Roman mosaic
Baked Clay Floor
Marble floor


The baldosa hydraulic is formed by three overlapped layers of cement pressing, with calcareous and silicious sands of several granulometrias. Using moulds and divisores the upper face incorporates colorantes mineral derived of the oxides of iron in different proportions that give like result the ornamental motives taken of tapestries, carpets, etc.

The technical and economic qualities of the material propiciaron during the first mitat of the S.xx a big diffusion in the zone mediterranea and of America central and south, ahi where the traditions, the benevolencia of the climate, the economic structure and the conditions of the market made it possible.

The affinity with warm climates, his beauty, durability and possibility of reparation do of this mosaic an architectural element of particular importance in the modernism.

The tone deslucido that present with the years can correct it puliendo and crystallising, ensuring a perfect protection.

Works made in Hydraulic Mosaic

Mosaico idraulico new before the treatment

After the treatment tapaporos

Old mosaic before pulir

After pulir and polish

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