Pulidos BarcinoModernist Pavement Restoration

Restoration of pavings

With the step of the time the soils present an appearance rugosa and deslucida that desmerece the category of the house.

In Pulidos Barcino, we have developed a technician mechanised of abrasive polishing that achieves to recover the original colours, improving the warm tonalities of the carpets of mosaic.
The originality and resistance have maintained the hydraulic mosaics and Nolla like an architectural referent in our Mediterranean culture.
That's why in our workshop have of the official catalogues of principle of the 20th century with designs of different manufacturers, any of them already in his third generation, with which maintain a narrow collaboration.
Also we have of thesis of the Polytechnical University of Catalonia and by the Deputation of Barcelona, related with the world of the mosaic.

We have made big quantity of works in Barcelona and surroundings some in places remarcables and visitables.

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